We consider it “A symbol of something that doesn’t exist in the world” and call it company name.

Many people might imagine, “Cubic eggs must produce something you have never seen before.”

What comes from a cubic egg?

We will continue to take on the challenge to be a company that has such expectations.

Create what people's mind are moved

What many companies surely are trying to do, but it is not easy.

To whom? And what kind of feeling do you want them to feel?

This is difficult to achieve unless you have a clear picture of this.

We will alwasys face the emotions of our customers to make this happen.

Hanoi Style

Cubic Egg is a company located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hanoi is remarkable for its economic growth and creative aspects of incorporating new technologies, but it is also a city of diversity where East Asian, Southeast Asian and Western cultures are merged due to our historical background.

By accepting, absorbing and merging different cultures like this city, we realize the diversity of output content.
And we will realize to fit various contents to various targets.