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Our Services


We can assist you in any situation where you need a designer. It is also possible to form a character production team and participate in development according to your company’s request, or to take charge of outsourcing only UI production, for example.


Engineers and designers who had experiences developing on major platforms will form a team and receive comprehensive development of apps / games.If you wish, we can also create specifications including reverse proposals.


A team of experienced engineers will take care of porting between various platforms and remakes from previous consumer machines.

About Us

Our company was established in 2018 based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Although our company was just established, it has experienced staffs who had worked on several major titles. And a team led by them has been involved in the development of mobile/consumer games released in Japan. We are still a small company with a total of 15 people. However, each and every staff member has a passion for creating game and is working hard on it, so it is growing every day.